Baccarat Online

Baccarat rose to fame thanks to James Bond movies and is used to be a game reserved for a high roller and the rich and famous, but now with Baccarat online, the game has become accessible to all types of players. Online baccarat is fun and exciting, with simple rules, and easy-to-follow strategies giving you a great chance to find success, without needing to bet big.

  • How to play Baccarat?

    While there is a large amount of prestige and intimidation surrounding baccarat, the rules and strategy of the game are rather easy to learn. Feel like a high roller all from the comfort of your home with an online casino.

    You need to place a bet on one of three random outcomes happening:

    • banker wins
    • player wins
    • or tie bets

    Ask yourself, who will get a higher score, a banker or the player? Or do you feel like it will be a tie? You can also choose to place a bet on a combination of the three.

    Next, you place chips on the marked circles. They come in values of $1, $5, $25, $100, and $500, with $500 being the maximum wager per hand.

    Then the banker and player both receive two cards. The person with the highest total hand value is the winner of the Baccarat online hand. If there is a tie, it’s seen as a loss, unless you bet on a tie.  

    Card Values

    Cards have the following values:

    2 to 9 have face value

    10, and face cards (Jack, Queen, King) are worth 0

    Aces are worth 1

    A card’s suit has no impact on the game or its value. All suits are equal. 

    Card Totals

    In Baccarat online, the card totals are determined by adding up both of the cards for each participant. But, if the total is in double digits, then only the second number gets counted as the overall hand value.

    As an example, if the player draws a 6 and a 9, it equals 15. But, the result is counted as 5. 

    Cards Per Hand

    The player always goes first. If their card total falls among 0 and 5, then they will receive a third card. 

    It’s also possible for the banker to receive an extra card in the following situations:

    - The banker has a hand of 7, 8 or 9. Then the banker stands. 

    - The banker has a hand of 0, 1, or 2. The banker must draw another card

    - The banker has a hand between 3 and 6. They banker must draw another card depending on this baccarat chart.

    Banker Total Player's Third Card
    2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    2 or less D D D D D D D
    D D D D D D S
    D D D D D D S
    S S D D D D S
    S S S S D D S
    S S S S S S S

    D = Draws a new card, S = Stand

  • How to win baccarat online?

    It’s important to realise that Baccarat online is a game of luck rather than skill. After placing a bet on the player, banker, or for tie bets, then it’s out of your hands once the cards are dealt. You have to sit back and wait for the outcome. 

    This is how online Baccarat differs from other online casino games, in that there is no decision making involved to alter the outcome of each hand. 

    Instead, you sit back at the table, place your bet with real money, and then wait and see what happens. This can add to the excitement, of quick and fast card games, where fate and luck play a part. Baccarat is perfect for people who love to live by the seat of their pants - which is why it’s famous for being a preferred game of a high roller.

    Before playing baccarat, becoming familiar with the rules and strategy will give you a greater understanding of why you are winning or losing bets, and help you decide what type of bets to place in future hands. 

    Even though it's all luck, there are a few things you can do to increase your chance to win:

    • Don’t Bet On A Tie

      While it may seem tempting to place tie bets with a payout of 9/1, a tie rarely occurs. The house edge for a tie is set to approximately 14%, also making it a low percentage bet. 

    • Bet Within Your Limits

      Like when playing any online casino game, you are betting with real money. Make sure that you have a bankroll set aside, and never exceed your limits. Also make sure to keep track of your betting history, with your wins and losses. If you go on a losing streak, don’t try and chase your losses, you may only make the situation worse. Know when to walk away, and come back another day.

    • Don’t Count Cards

      Card counting is possible with casino games online - in both Blackjack and Baccarat online. But trying to do so in Baccarat won’t give you any advantages. The game uses sophisticated RNGs (Random Number Generators), which make it almost impossible to pick up any patterns. 

    • Forget Any ‘Systems’

      While there may be a huge range of betting systems to learn for Baccarat, they usually rely on increasing your betting amounts to cover any losses you make, such as doubling your bet anytime you lose a hand. This can quickly lead to significant losses.

  • What are the odds in baccarat?

    In online Baccarat, you can place a bet on either the player, banker, a tie, or any combination of these three. 

    Each hand is quick, meaning you can win (or lose) money fast. So always remember you are playing with real money, and you should be responsible when gambling. It’s recommended to practice first so that you get a feel for the game and its rules and strategy. The hand with the highest total after the cards are dealt is the winner. 

    The odds are as following:

    • Player pays 1-1
    • Banker pays 1-1 (minus a 5% commission of the bet value)
    • A tie is 9-1

    Baccarat House Edge

    Baccarat online has a very player-friendly house edge, which is the lowest for a casino game equal to craps. The online casino has just a 1.4% percentage advantage for bets on the banker over the player. 

    The player’s hand winning is only slightly less than the banker’s hand of losing:

    - Player’s hand wins: 44.62% of the time

    - Banker’s hand loses: 45.85% of the time

    Ties in Baccarat are rare, but they can happen. They have a probability of 9.53%, with a payoff being 9-1. For tie bets, there is a huge house edge.

    Removing the tie, the banker’s hand will win approximately 51% of the time. The 1% advantage is very small, making it only slightly better than odds for a coin-flip.

    Are you unsure which bet to make? Then, place a bet on the banker’s hand to win. 

  • Baccarat Online Vs Live Casino

    When playing Baccarat online, you don’t need to worry about dressing in a designer label suit or feel intimidated by its exclusive nature, or high minimum bets. You can play from anywhere in Australia instead of having to go to a live casino in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane.

    There are a few differences between playing online Baccarat instead of in a live casino. The biggest one is the price of the minimum bet, which is much higher in a real casino. 

    This will affect the way you play the game, especially whether you have enough of a budget to play tie bets.

    Also in an online casino, every single hand is independent of the previous hand and is dealt automatically, making card counting a waste of time.